4 Reasons to Sell Your Asheville House Directly

You are likely to avoid what you don’t understand; however, this often leads to missed opportunities. There are many different situations, issues with properties, and reasons for selling. When the time comes to sell your home, the traditional market and all the trappings of a real estate agent aren’t always a perfect fit. So, it’s … Continued

4 Tips for Selling an Old House in Asheville

While older homes are often quite charming, their age can be of concern to buyers. Because of the unique challenges that older homes can present, you must take special care to improve your odds of a deal. Therefore, we’ve gathered together our top four tips for selling an old house in Asheville. Price Believe it … Continued

The Best Advice for Making Your First Investment Property a Success

The Best Advice for Making Your First Investment Property a Success Real estate across the country doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. This is good news for investors who’ve waited to make their first purchase. However, just because you think you can turn a profit does not mean you should go … Continued

Another great project completed!

This one was highly challenging, with active crackhead infestation and severely damaged internal structure and mechanics. We spent a few months working away at it, and turned it into a great little house, much to the amazement and relief of the neighbors 🙂

5 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure In Asheville

If foreclosure is looming over you like a black cloud on a sunny day, don’t ignore the rain. Open the letters your lender is sending you and see where you are at in the process. Make sure you find your mortgage documents and read them thoroughly to know what to expect when you don’t make … Continued

What Happens To Your Asheville Property After A Divorce?

Divorces are difficult. About forty to fifty percent of marriages ended in divorce last year, and the rate is even higher for subsequent marriages. If you are going through a divorce right now, you are probably wondering what happens to your Asheville property after the divorce. Who Keeps The Property? This is something you and … Continued

4 Easy Ways To Sell Your Land In Asheville

Do you need to sell your land in Asheville? Finding the right buyer isn’t always as easy as selling a Asheville house. If you need to sell your land fast in Asheville, we can help you learn about the many ways you can sell! It’s no secret that there is a smaller market for land … Continued

Personal Finance Hacks for Homebuyers

  By       Brittany Fisher    <brittany@financiallywell.info>   Let’s face it – selling your current home, finding the perfect new home, lining up financing and physically moving is an arduous process. The uncertainty and anxiety can lead to many sleepless nights, and you’re never sure things will work out until they actually do. Here are … Continued